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COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co. Ltd.


As one of the core members of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited Company, COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. ( COSCO SHIPPING Specialized for short ) is dedicated to the operations and management of more than a hundred vessels, including multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels, semi-submersible vessels, pure car carriers, logs carriers as well as asphalt carriers. The scale of this specialized shipping fleet ranks it as the largest in the world.  


COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. owns an energy-efficient fleet well suited to a large variety of cargoes.COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers is committed to the transportation of overlength, oversize and overweight cargoes,including RIGs, engineering vessels, port machinery,locomotives, windmills, bridge cranes, complete equipment, etc. By virtue of its preeminent strength, COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. has facilitated the successful completion of hundreds of significant international projects.


COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. has an established business service network throughout the world, centering on the Far East, bringing the advantages of stable and reliable liner shipping on many trade routes, including the Far East-Southeast Asia/India, Far East- Mediterranean Sea/Europe, Far East-Persian Gulf/Red Sea, Far East-Africa, Far East—America, and Far East-Australia.

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